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Two caveats, though; Caveat #1: Pilots in Aramco are split into two groups; employees and contractors. These days any new pilot will start as a contractor and if the company likes them, there is a vacancy, and the moons are in alignment, they will be offered a full time job.In the past 6 months there have been 6 offers of full time employment that were accepted. It's definitely not the most luxurious in Saudi but it's like a good suburb in Arizona, the big bonus is it's huge (several thousand families and bachelors together) and the facilities are second to none, pick an activity and you can most likely do it.10 soccer fields, 40 tennis courts, several pools, full gyms, wood shop, car shop (both industrial grade and virtually free to use), bowling alley, library, cafeteria and snack bars, dozens of playgrounds, skateboard park, green 18 hole golf course ,bmx track, Horse stables, Yacht club, art complex, and on and on, really too much to list. Here are their minimum requirements: MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Education: Four-year B. Accomodations: Aramco's Dhahran compound is about 10 square miles in area, very green, and is composed of 2,200 homes in 65 different configurations(about 15 major types and variations thereof).Accomodation is likely to be in their own "mini-city" at Dahran which, in the days of American joint-ownership, used to be a "place apart" in Saudi (women driving, pig in the shops etc) but has gotten rather more Saudi-ised nowadays. Their fleet now has : 1 767 (Houston based) 5 737-700's 3 DHC-8's, 2 DHC-6's, 2 Hawkers, 1 CE-500 and about 20 Helos. Also consider the dangers of living there now as an expat. You will fly 3-6 times a week and usually the duty day is 5-8 hours, though there are a couple of longer flights.Always used to be regarded as one of the best places to be for an Expat in Saudi. The money is compelling, but it will not make up for the sacrifices and isolation and racism and restrictions and dirtiness and disappointment and desperation and frustration and unhappiness that would soon take over your life. Think it depends a lot on if you are a "consultant" (two year contractor) or a full time employee (university degree required)...friends on both sides..very different situations..both are content. I was a flight attendant there til july, and was about to quit/get fired, but as I ended up getting married anyway that took care of my decision as F/a's not allowed to be married. Earliest flight starts around am and last flight arrives around midnight.

Having said that, some of the craziest parties I've been to were in Saudi.Communications Director, to be exact)will handle the situation next week if you know what doesn't electroniclly go you know where by next Friday. They apparently are looking for all sorts of fixed wing and rotary drivers. P these days and he's a local but a very nice an faa atp, with some experience in at least one of their types, dhc-8, dhc-6, b737NG, g-4, hs 125, and turbine ag-plane, (tailwheel time)....without 4-year degree.can get hired as "consultant" many nationalities employed....the above subject to change Anyone got inside info on the company? Always thought that the DC8 and Gulfstreams were for the "head honchos", the B737's are in a normal passenger configuration and operate a shuttle service around Saudi for employees. Any thing you woll save on top of it is for ur pocket. Living in their componds where 12000 other employees live. This contractor period can be long and MIGHT never end up in a full time position.*If you get lucky you will be offered a permanent contract. Permanently based in Damman, you can have your family with you. ALthough considering that they are selling their DC8, this may have changed. Quite a few Saudi pilots did jump ship in the past year and a half. The equipment in every fleet is absolutely top notch (HUD, EGPWS, FMC, Big engines, etc.) and MX is overall very good.Is it for real, or are they just building a database? DI3G, You need to send me a code book for that message! Mutt of Aramco ads on the net these days, but I'm not sure if there are actually any new jobs! Good company from what i've heard they pay well if your an ex pat and have some good hardwear to cruise about in with the only downer being most of the flying is within kingdom. I tryed to go through Aramco in the states and had no joy so called them in Dammam and had much better luck. c3000, if by cabin services your are talking about working down the back, i think that you would be better off looking at their VIP operations and not the B737's. Suffice to say that while you're mostly stuck in Saudi it will be the most diverse flying you'll find under one company.Having said that, I find that most of the frustrating stuff is no worse and actually pales in comparison to stuff our colleagues face at other companies worldwide.For example, while I am annoyed at some policies or situations I have never worried about my paycheck coming at the end of the month.

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Due to their being the source of most of the country's income, they do not usualy suffer from the chronic "cash shortages" that have been a problem in the country at times. Read each of those words again and think about them. I too have several friends there employed as 'consultants' and they say their deal sucks compared with what the permanent guys get, despite the fact that the 'consultants' do all the flying and the permanents do all the golfing. I do want to hear the bad as well as the good, my wife reckons it's a mad idea anyway, so if it is dodgy then I'd rather find out now than when I've signed on the dotted line :( Why are they recruiting now anyway, are some of the expats finding all these attacks on western compounds a bit too hot to handle? I was an F/O on the B-737-200 and Capt on the DHC-6 and CE-500. Having worked in EK years ago, and many other much more prestigious companies-in a word dont do it! They were once considered a great organization to work for. The Dash 8 and B 737 are basically busses that commute between the cities and the remote oil sites.

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