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Updating i touch

With this technique, it is possible to generate and analyze extremely complex diagrams representing the behavior of many subsystems, subsubsystems etc. In Figure 9, Subdiagram Block A in the top diagram represents the series configuration of the subsystem reflected in the middle diagram, while Subdiagram Block G in the middle diagram represents the series configuration of the subsubsystem in the bottom diagram.

To extend the functionality of a block diagram, one needs to introduce some additional elements to the “tool kit.” One such element is the k-out-of-n node, which allows the analyst to specify an alternative form of redundancy known as k-out-of-n redundancy.

A k-out-of-n node can have n paths leading into it, and requires that k of those n paths must function for the system to function.

Figures 5 and 6 present RBDs that incorporate such nodes.

Items placed in parallel are considered to be redundant, as shown in Figure 2, where either D or B can fail and the system will continue to function.

The concept can be expanded further, as shown in Figure 3, with combinations of series and parallel configurations in the same diagram.

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“Complex” diagrams cannot be expressed as a simple combination of series and parallel blocks (such as the diagram in Figure 3) and thus require a more advanced analytical treatment.