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Tag -firstsnow Hello firstsnow, Getting over a crush can be really hard!

Especially when you know nothing is going to happen, but you’re still experiencing those feelings anyways.

It can feel like you’re not in control of your emotions, and that’s always rough.

The best thing I’ve found is not to try to get rid of your feelings.

I really like writing in my journal, because it helps me express things in a way that no one will know about.

Maybe this isn’t mental health related but I hope you can give me some advice anyway. He’s pretty much unattainable and he gets so much attention from other girls and it makes me so bitter and jealous.

You know when you start liking someone and you can feel your heart opening up…It’s equal parts anxiety and excitement… I’m just not comfortable with anyone having that kind of power over me… It’s always safely tucked away, hiding, with a fortress around it and bodyguards the size of Chris Farley…

Before, when you didn’t like anybody, life was not a roller coaster of emotions. But when you start liking someone and you don’t know how they feel, and you don’t know if they know how you feel…you stop walking on the ground and you’re either on cloud 9 or in limbo, that place between heaven and hell where you’re just waiting… You feel exposed because your heart is way more invested than the evidence you see of his and you’re sure your cards are showing. Cuz there’s that point when you feel yourself falling…and that feeling, that feeling of falling, not knowing if there’s someone waiting to catch you…

First of all be relax, its usual to have a crush a this age. Now coming to your problem as u said someone anonymously told her about you liking her. Try talking to her normally and if she asked which is obvious tell the truth with very cool and calm.

Because girls like when you are so confident about liking us.

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I think if you can find a way to validate your feelings without acting on them, that will help you to deal with the depression and sadness you describe.

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