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If there is one thing Ayasha Nour never wanted to experience again, it was to be locked up without knowing what was happening to her.Nour, a French teacher from Damascus, spent 20 days in Moria, a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.But immediately after landing in Turkey, she and the other returning refugees were taken away -- as if they were criminals, says Nour.She has now been in an internment camp in Düziçi, a city on the Turkish-Syrian border, for four weeks.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the claim that Turkey is a safe place for refugees.

"Sometimes they would say a week, sometimes a month and sometimes a year," says Nour.

At the end of April, the young Syrian gave up hope of ever reaching northern Europe, so she decided to return to Turkey voluntarily.

Food Full of Insects As in the dispute over the promise of visa-free travel in the EU for Turkish citizens, Erdogan's message is clear: We may have signed a pact, but I determine the rules of the game.

This also applies to the selection of refugees Turkey sends to the European Union, which includes a conspicuously large number of "serious medical cases." Hundreds of refugees are confined in Düziçi.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has praised the deal with Turkey as a humane alternative to sealing off Europe's internal borders.