Alexa vega and daryl sabara dating elite christian dating

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Alexa vega and daryl sabara dating

During her time working on the franchise, Alexa contributed her voice to some of the songs on the soundtrack.

In his recent Instagram photos, Daryl looks worlds away from fresh-faced Juni who helped his family save the world in the 00s blockbusters.

Following her role in Spy Kids, Alexa has taken up acting roles in over 60 more TV series’ and films.

In 2015, she starred in The Mentalist and Nashville, as well as competing on US talent show Dancing With The Stars.

“I bonded so much with little Rowan,” says Vega, noting that the personal connection she and Sabara had to the franchise made them extra critical of the new “Spy Kids.” “[Blanchard] reminded me so much of myself when I was little.

She is really spunky, not really afraid to do things and kind of a tomboy.

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  1. Despite her newfound fame—or perhaps becauseof it—the once aspiring journalist who tried out for Idol on a whim while attending Oklahoma's Northeastern State University appears to be making every effort to lead an unstarletlike life.