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Scripture validating singing

The term “covenant” simply describes an explicit relationship between two parties, in this case God and human beings.The relationship has clearly defined prerequisites and commitments.Even those who object to defining the Holy Spirit’s role in worship this way may still assume that when the Holy Spirit presides over corporate worship the worshipers will have greater exuberance and emotion, spontaneous or unplanned acts will occur in the service, or the service itself will proceed without a preplanned order. The Holy Spirit’s role in corporate worship becomes a function of our response rather than an objective theological reality.We miss the more basic and important roles that the Holy Spirit assumes whenever God’s people gather to worship.

God created and redeemed us so that he might receive worship from his creation. If the worship of God has been a priority for God’s people, churches across America seem to have taken this emphasis seriously.

Today we speak of individual worship (such as practiced in personal devotions) and corporate worship (such as we experience in a church “worship service”).

This distinction is relatively new among Christians.

Enoch compiled a list which contained the details of the funeral, including who would sing, what songs would be sung, who would speak and who would officiate at the funeral.

The specific details recorded on this original sheet of paper, just after Presley’s death in August of 1977, would be the initial framework for what would become the biggest and most historic funeral in entertainment history. Humbard, at Vernon Presley’s request, officiated the funeral service for Elvis.

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Adam and Eve were commissioned to “serve” in the Garden, God’s first sanctuary on the earth.