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Gillette wyoming dating

The peripatetic missionary Father Pierre-Jean De Smet passed by the Pumpkin Buttes in 1851, and referred to them in a diary entry as the "Gourd Buttes."The Bozeman Trail, a route from the Oregon Trail along the North Platte River to newly discovered gold fields in Montana Territory, passed through the southwest corner of what’s now Campbell County. government proclaimed that all the Indians must move to reservations. In the late 1870s, cattle ranches began to be established, and with the end of the Indian threats, white settlement began in earnest.It was traveled by prospectors and settlers starting in 1864. Army was ordered to patrol the trail, and for four years there were many fights and skirmishes in what came to be called Red Cloud’s War. Although the winter of 1886-1887 destroyed many large herds and ended the open range era, some cattle ranching continued.This site indicated the presence of the Goshen, Folsom, Agate Basin, Hell Gap, and Alberta-Cody cultures.Prehistoric cultures are generally named for the places where artifacts identifying them were first found.It is a bison pound—an ingenious structure similar in design to a modern-day cattle corral, though likely much stronger. An older site from perhaps 10,000 years ago is the Carter/Kerr-Mc Gee site north of Gillette, Wyo., excavated in 1975 before the opening of the Carter/Kerr-Mc Gee coal mine.It was probably used by the Besant hunters around A. There, a bison butchering area was found and, nearby, an arroyo that probably formed a natural trap into which the animals could be driven.The rectangle of present-day Campbell County, approximately 4,761 square miles, is mostly grassland over extensive sub-bituminous coal deposits dating from the Cretaceous and Tertiary Periods.

The primary work for these 100 or so men was to fight the underground coal fires that had been destroying veins for some years.

For approximately one year, Gillette was the terminus, and with the presence of the railroad commissary, this created a small, short-lived boom that ended when the tracks reached Sheridan in November 1892. Page two of this issue featured advertisements for the Hotel Empire, Windsor Hotel and the Miller House.

Still, the railroad brought an influx of settlers—farmers, ranchers and townspeople. After the railroad terminus moved on, Gillette settled into a typical small-town rural economy with livery barns, stables, blacksmiths, hotels, cafes, bars and brothels. The latter boasted, "Excellent Accommodations for Transient Patronage." The Stafford Restaurant claimed that fresh oysters were always on hand. When Campbell County’s government was organized in 1913, Gillette became the county seat.

Attacks by the Cheyenne, Lakota Sioux and Arapaho were common, earning the trail its nickname, the Bloody Bozeman. In the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868, the Powder River Basin was relegated to the Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho. Ranchers began to grow their own hay for cattle feed or sometimes shipped herds to out-of-state winter feeding locations.

County boundaries and organization The area that would eventually become Campbell County began as part of Albany County, Wyoming Territory in 1869.

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In 1875, the territorial legislature created Crook County out of the northern halves of Albany and Laramie Counties; Crook County took up the entire northeast corner of the territory.

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