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As Sukkot is a harvest festival, Sukkot menus typically include dishes with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Since the Feast of Tabernacles takes place during the beginning of the Fall season, it’s a perfect time to utilize the bounty of the season into this all-in-one-pot richly aromatic rice dish.

reported that sources at the NYPD told them investigators found a note, which appeared to be left by the suspect at one of the sites. The police sources also said the suspect scaled a wall “like a ninja” during the Nov. Though NYPD officials said they don’t consider the incidents to be hate crimes, members of the local Bukharian community were not so reserved.

“If seven Jewish homes had been burned in France within a month, there would be much more of an uproar,” said Boris Yuabov, a doctor who has lived in the community with his three children for the past six years.

Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz attended the meeting, though no representatives from police or fire departments attended, according to community members.

This is a life-threatening situation.” Allan S., a non-Bukharian member of the Forest Hills Jewish community who preferred to use his first name because he didn't want to be a target of any reprisal, referred to the eerily similar profiles of the torched homes’ owners as the “elephant in the room.” “It’s obvious that there’s something in common between the different properties attacked,” he said, adding that the neighborhood, albeit largely Bukharian, is also ethnically diverse. The neighborhood is scared to death.” Evan Bernstein, the Anti-Defamation League’s New York regional director said that while he understands that it’s too early to determine the motive behind the attacks, “the fact that seven separate fires took place in the same vicinity is deeply troubling, and we are confident that law enforcement will investigate these incidents as potential hate crimes.” In response to the string of fires, about 20 members of the Bukharian Jewish community, as well as several other concerned neighbors, met at the local Bukharian Community Center on Sunday.Seven fires have ravaged construction sites in the area in recent weeks, prompting an investigation by the NYPD Arson and Explosive Squad and igniting fear among locals.All seven buildings set ablaze belong to Bukharian Jews, according to community leader Aron Borukhov, a fact largely overlooked by mainstream media coverage.Pour en savoir plus, notamment sur les moyens de contrôle disponibles, consultez la Politique d’utilisation des cookies.If you would like to be included in this service please fill out the following form.

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Cooking this dish in a slow cooker not only allows observance of the no-cook rule on Sukkot, but it will form a dark crust at the bottom of the pot that can be enjoyed as a delicacy on its own. Soak the dried kidney beans (12 hours in advance).2. When you are ready to cook, add the beans, rice, oil, onion, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, apples, sweet potato, prunes, apricots, raisins, turmeric and ginger to the slow cooker and cover with water.4. Cooking time is very forgiving, since the longer it cooks, the more the flavors meld. Spoon onto a large platter and top with the crust from the bottom of the pot, if you can.

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