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If he wants to say he’s not a practicing Catholic but on the way, or he’s still Protestant but he wants to still be open to the teaching to the Catholic Church, that’s okay,” as then we’re not controlling.This is really important to underline because there are some Jewish sites which, as far as I know, are very strict.On our site, if I look at the photos, it’s ridiculous to think they’re desperate cases.It’s just natural that people who are a bit older are already more serious about their strategic agenda to start a family and then they get more interested in finalizing their friendships.What is very different to the United States is that, in Austria and Germany, many people don’t think about the possibility of meeting and falling in love with someone who is not in the same area. S., it’s normal for a guy in Seattle to fall in love with a girl in Chicago or New York, for example.But here anything that is more than 50 kilometers is another world.When you are 25, perhaps you think you don’t want to marry tomorrow and then you don’t go to such a site, but why not? We started in 2005, and I think we have about 1,000 marriages.I can’t tell you exactly, because people aren’t obliged to say.

And one year after founding this site, we’d already had the first weddings, or at least announcements of weddings.

So we had to try to break this barrier, which wasn’t easy.

But in the meantime, we’ve had many who have come from different areas and regions who have met through the website.

VIENNA — The first Catholic dating website in Austria has grown rapidly since it went online in 2005, helping around 1,000 members to get married and expanding to nine countries.

Called Kathtreff, the website was founded by Martin Kugler and his wife, Gudrun, both of whom have dedicated their lives to promoting the Catholic faith in the public square in an increasingly secular Europe.

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There was only a Protestant website in Austria, which was rather expensive.